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Macotec - Strato Advance XYZW

Automatic cutting lines for laminated glass

This laminated glass cutting line has been conceived and designed to ensure high operational benefits as far as both productivity and optimisation of glass trim management are concerned.
Since the machine features high levels of automation, cutting cycles are fully automated (within the mentioned dimensions) so that the operator has nothing to do apart unloading cut glasses at the end of the line. You can also trim the glass sheet edges, smoothing them in order to eliminate any imperfections due to glass sheet misalignment or PVB excess.

Technical Details | Brochure

 - Strato Advance XYZW - Macotec
  • 2 cm minimum trim
  • Automatic disposal of glass trims
  • Peripheral Low-E grinding wheel
  • Automatic squaring
  • Automatic torning
  • Automatic cut-to-size pieces movement and off-loading
Macotec, Macchine di Tecnologia

Technical Details Strato Advance XYZW

PropertyUMStrato Advance XYZW 3.7/3.2Strato Advance XYZW 4.6/3.2
Useful Cutmm37004600
Min Thicknessmm3/0.38/33/0.38/3
Max Thicknessmm8/4.56/8 (12/2.28/12)8/4.56/8 (12/2.28/12)
Min Squaringmm00
Max Squaringmm32103210
Squaring Pads No.mm66
Minimum Trimmingmm65 (20)65 (20)
PVB Cutting KnifeAut.Aut.
Turning Device0 ÷ 360°0 ÷ 360°
Cutting Speedm/min110110
Tilting Arms No.55
Max Installed PowerKw42.0042.00


Macotec, Macchine di Tecnologia

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