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All our equipment for handling, loading and cutting is built in our 10,000m² factory

Maurizio Colli and Matteo De Stefani, founded Macotec in 1996 with a passion and vision for innovative technologies, machinery and glass. Macotec has become a recognized and valued industrial company that is characterized by a wide product range developed in thanks to a relentless research and development program. Specialization, flexibility and innovation are the keystones around which Macotec has developed its growth, establishing itself with success at an international level.
The Macotec production facility includes the different departments that contribute, seamlessly, to the construction of machinery, with precise and organized workflows, from design to fabricating, industrial painting, assembly and testing, all the steps required to build the most innovative and productive equipment and all under the direct control of Macotec.
All the production phases are recorded and tracked by a quality control system that, at any moment, can reconstruct the entire history of the machine: the technicians responsible for the assembly and testing, to the details of each component ensures for a full traceability of the components. Spare parts are always available in a well-stocked and organized warehouse and an efficient coding and numbering system allows a fast shipping and tracking.

We work with great attention and detailed care to grant you modern, productive and reliable equipment

Macotec - Production Department

Macotec - Show Room

Macotec, Macchine di Tecnologia

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